Words can't even describe this game

It's amazing. It's breathtaking.It'll make you laugh,It'll actually make you cry , and it'll always make you want to come back for more.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about one of the greatest RPG's ever made- I am talking about Final Fantasy 7. No doubt about that, ten years have passed since this game came out and I am reviewing it now but it deserves to be reviewed every now and then. This title begs to be picked up and played because this game is unlike any other.
Of course, by now (without playing it) you would know the story because of it's tremendous popularity. But if you had played it first and not found out the story before you actually played it you would realize the true essence of this game The essence of humanity The essence of friendship, The essence of love
This is what gaming is about and this game, only this game proves that gaming is NOT just controllers and screens. It's way more than that and once again let me tell you, this game proves it.
This game wrote a page in gaming history
and wrote a book in mine.