This is an awesome beat'em up game, as well as one of the best Xbox Live games out there!

User Rating: 9 | Castle Crashers X360
Castle Crasher's is a new four player action games from the guys that brought you Alien Hominid. Castle Crasher's plays a lot different then Alien Hominid. Instead of a 2D shooter, you have an action adventure in which you can move up and down on the screen. This game is one awesome four player game, and even by yourself, it is awesome.

The story is that this evil guy has taken a crystal from the kingdom, and has captured four princesses. You have to travel around a map, and rescue them and get back the crystal.

The game play is pretty simple. You hack and slash your way through tons of enemies. You level up like in rpg's and you can get new weapons, which is an awesome feature. Castle Crasher's is a little bit easier then Alien Hominid, but Alien Hominid was really hard at times, but Castle Crasher's is still challenging.

The four player co op is fun, and will keep you entertained for a while. There are a few bugs if you play with some one over Xbox Live, but they don't happen a lot.

THe graphics in Castle Crasher's are good, and there are some really funny animations.

The sound is good, and the music is really good.

If you want an awesome Hack and Slash game, then download Castle Crasher's right now, you won't be disappointed.