I don't get what the fuss is about, R6V on PSP is a great game with good multiplayer and alot to do. Read on!

User Rating: 9.5 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas PSP
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do not listen to the bad things you will hear about rainbow six vegas on PSP. the game has alot of good features from the consol version, like the cover system, snake cam, cool weapons, and night vision. but the game also got a few new things that make it even better. first, online is much simpler, second, the new lock-on system is helpful for getting head shots, third, the idea of taking control over 2 seperate team members, and finally, the game feels more like a elite commando kind of game than the consol version.
for the campaign, it covers the story of two rainbow six operatives on a story that is different, but parrarels the consol versioon. the new story alone should be enough for die hard fans of the series to buy it. you travel across vegas (but it really doesn't look like vegas) and you get to go to hoover dam! unlike logans team, you aren't storming casino's and capturing hostages, instead, you are the guys who clear buildings on the side, and recaptures airports and tunnels. don't get me wrong, it may not seem very cool, but it is!
as for enemy AI, some new things, some losses. in this game, if an enemy is too close to a door, and you do something loud on the other end, he will open the door and say "is that you edd?", which is pretty cool for a PSP game, but sometimes the AI can be dumb. for example, there are two guys in a large room,one on one side, one on the other, you sneak up on the first guy and blast him with your shotgun, the other guy does nothing, its like they are deaf at long range, but it is useful during stealth missions.
online for ranbow six vegas is simple there are a few game modes, but you will comonly find team deathmatch. he cool thing about online is that the player sees themself as rainbow six op no matter what side he is on, and the enemy will always show up in terrorist uniforms, even though they see themselfs as rainbow six ops.