Way too Halo 2.5-ish

Well I waited in line at midnight just most of us. I was all in the Hype that Halo3 was supposed to be. But then I opened my Eyes.

Sharp, still has that Halo cartoony style (which is fine). No AA though which shows alot of jaggies.

Nothing to write home about. Could of been better. Guns sound weak even through 5.1

Campaign was cool. Could of been longer but it was enteraining with a couple of play throughs. 4 Player Co-op was a big plus. Although Ledgendary was way to easy with 4 players.

Ugh. This is where the downfall begins. Way to many WTF moments, way more then any other online game. Theater is the best feature, and should be in all MP games. But watching a video with 3 other friends is a feat. You have to wait2-5 mins to watch a 20 sec clip.

There just isnt enough change or next-gen upgrades to keep me playing.
Oh yeah, there are still all those annoying 12 year olds screaming about nothing.