WWE SvR 2008 Is Slightly Improved In Some Parts, Yet It Is A Downfall In Many Important Areas Real Score: 7.9

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 10
Sound: 8
Value: 7
Tilt: 8
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 featuring ECW is a disappointing addition to the hit selling wrestling franchise. There aren't any new match types, except for ECW extreme rules match, but I have to say this match is extremely fun, for sometime. Extreme rules allows you to choose, before you start the match, the weapons that are going to be under the ring, for example you can replace the default kendo stick with a guitar. Also, only for this kind of match, there is a scrolling wheel that will let you choose what weapons you want to take out. Not like SvR 2007, garbage cans, crutches, etc. aren't only seen in the audience area. Plus, you can take out more than one table, which in '07, you could only get more than one table if it was a tables match. Moreover, now that the ECW brand has come to the WWE, the hardcore styles come with it. You can now, with a saved finisher icon, set tables and barbed wire 4x4s on fire, which will inflict twice as more damage if used. Chairs can also now be used in many different ways in '08. Instead of just smashing it across the opponents head, you can open up the chair and put it on your opponents leg or neck and then stomp on it to inflict severe damage. But that is not all, you can also put the chair in the turnbuckle and then irish whip your opponent, making them go head first into the chair. Lastly, by using two chairs, you put one under their face and smash the other chair in the back of the head. Before I finish talking about the weapons, the bell now makes a bell sound! when used and finally once again you can use steel steps. With a ultimate grapple move, you can powerbomb your opponent onto the top of the steel steps (achievement). Furthermore, this year each superstar has a different style of wrestling, for example, Batista is a powerhouse, Jeff Hardy is a high flyer, and of course Sandman is hardcore. I'm not going to talk about this so much because there is too much to say, so I'm going to keep it nice and short. Each style allows you to do different moves. So if your a hardcore superstar you can do those chair maneuvers that I explained earlier but if your not a hardcore superstar you can't. High fliers have the possum pin, powerhouse has rampage mode, and etc. If you want to know everything about the wrestling styles look for the video on youtube. Moreover, every game has a down side to it, '08's main downfall being 24/7 mode. This year THQ combined the season mode and manager mode together as one. But that's not the problem, if your superstar gets injured, your doctor will say to take sometime off, but you won't be able to, so you must fight in the matches with the injured shoulder, leg, or whatever, while trying to both win the match and by trying your best to not get the area already injured more hurt than it is. It may sound good, but in my opinion, it just sucks the fun out of season mode. So trying to earn money or trying to get your created characters stats up is a huge hassle. Also new to 24/7 mode is now you can go into interviews, appear in movies, autograph signing, and much more to boost your popularity, downfall to that is that there is no cutscene or anything, it is just simulated. Also, there is no customizable locker room this year, the new way to get your stats up is horrible, and the only 3 team match type is a hardcore match, taking out 3-team elimination etc. Other than that, there is one new tournament added this year which is beat the clock. WWE Shop is back if you remember it from N64 WWF No Mercy. You can purchase, titles belts (WWF Attitude Championship, WCW Classic Championship, etc.), kits for player type (powerhouse, high flyer, etc.), legend superstars (Sabu, Terry Funk, Stone Cold, etc),and DX entrances and clothing for HBK and HHH. Furthermore, the layout of the menus are nicely done and look great. The superstars look amazing to the smallest details. The sound is also great, except for the recycled commentary from last year. Overall, Smackdown vs Raw 2008 is a great game IF you didn't play 2007. If you did get to play '07, do not waste your money, unless you really want the updated roster and the addition of ECW.