The game is alright in the beginning but it is so easy to beat which makes it easy boring game.

I got Pokemon Black the day after it came out in America i] was excited to pay the game. As I relized as i kept playing that it was boring and was not a challenge to beat. It was very easy, The people who made this could do something much better. After i beat the game there is a side mission but that was easy maybe next time they will do a better job of a new Pokemon game. The new features was good but the game seemed to short, i rate this 6.5 out of 10.
Pokemon game lover should not waste their time playing this game. I don't mind if they buy the game just to have fun but that is there money they are losing, everybody has to be careful, on what games that look good but turn out boring.

I like this game because of the three on three and gym battles are fun, but graphics was sometimes suckish.