Great game, give it a try

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I'm really enjoying it, the graphics are great for a F2P game. Just don't forget to Enable FXAA with Nvidia Control Panel and it will look a lot better. I'm getting 60 fps at 1080p lol

The game works really great when you're playing with a good Squad. If not, you can still try to get your points working as a one-man-army.

The HUD it's awesome, lets you know if you're near your allies and it spots enemies if one of your teammates can see them.

It's not a Pay 2 Win game, you can be really good without all the fancy stuff and it just takes some time to get the stuff without paying.

Give it a try :)

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Agreed, I'm really enjoying it. It's actually making me want to try ghost recon Future soldier for the consoles.

I'm actually usually a COD player, but I didn't realize how much I like tactical shooters like GR. I use to play the series on the original xbox on xbl along time ago but there were too many campers. There are campers in this game as well, but only due to certain classes having that specific play style (i.e., the recon class). The 2 other classes have to press forward b/c of the gameplay modes, which pretty much involve capturing all the bases. I used to play Halo 2 for the orignal xbox (duh) also and the King of the hill game mode wasn't as fun as the GRO modes b/c at least in the GRO modes you have cover at the base locations, which makes it strategic for a shooter.

I say give it a try as well. The only downside to this game are the lack of maps (there are 4 or 5 total now) and the long match making. The long match making is actually not as bad as it sounds, b/c while the network is looking for a game for you you can equip/check out equipment, do some equipment shopping, and even chat. It takes up to 4 mins (as designated by the timer clock) sometimes to check for a game, but by that time I already finished tweaking my character equipment so I don't notice it.

It's also FREE to play. If you're a GR player it's worth checking out.

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[color=#333333]Ghost Recon Online[/color] brings the tactical methodical combat Tom Clancy games are famous for to a F2P PC audience. Join up with friends and coordinate a united assault utilizing some of the worlds most advanced weaponry to overcome your foes in a FPS unlike any youve ever played for free before.