Should I Buy Today..? (PS3)

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I mainly play alone, and play multiplayer. I'm an old Socom 1 & 2 player, and miss a decent 3rd Person Shooter..

With that said.. I do have a 10 year old nephew who may want to play some splitscreen Guerrilla. (I'm aware of the screen ratio and black squares on the side of splitscreen Guerrilla mode)

So how is it? All reviews are always within a few days of release and they still haven't had a chance to get bored. Is it boring? Is it worth the cash? I want to go get it, but at this point, I'm really down for any new game. Preferably something co-op for my newphew to play, but definately not needed. I just need a game to sit down and chill and play, lots on my mind. Hectic times. Thanks in advance fellas.

I just want a GOOD time consuming game. :)

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