Better than the original, yes. Good as a solid game, most definitly not.

MGA offered a new and not so exciting addition in terms of gameplay. It quite litterally took me hours to find it fun. But, give it a chance. This game has an aquired taste. It is the coffee of video games. As much as I wish they would make a traditional MGS on the PSP (or even a port for that matter) I realize this isnt going to happen... at least not untill '07. So for now we are stuck playing MGA2, but maybe this is not such a bad thing. After aquireing the taste from the original I found the new and improved gameplay to be not as long and drawn out as the original. The new cards are good too. As for the solid eye... eh, its unique I will give them that. It tends to be more a hassle than a good thing. It works yes, but after a while it will make you have to strain your eyes, and it could give you a headache. In my opinion it is not worth it. Even without it, MGA2 is a nice upgrade from the original. The "new and improved" graphics dont suit my tastes either. Probably because I am used to the MGS "dark" style. As I said before, MGA2 is still a nice upgrade from the original. All in all, it is a great game for the PSP, worth the cost, and worth the time it takes to get used to the gameplay.