Don't miss out on one of the best online shooters.

This game is amazing. As long as you view the game as if it doesnt have the server/bug issues (because eventually it will be fixed) its an astounding game in every way in terms of gameplay,graphics and especially sound. The few games I did play where everything ran smooth without any issues PROVES that when this game gets patched up it will be amazing and its by far the best socom game to date. Another great thing about socom is how almost everyone has headsets so the games dont go without talking as many other online games on PS3. The headset is also a must have because the game is completely team based so it comes very handy to use for making strategies with your fellow teammates and friends. I totally recommend this game to anyone interested in a great realistic/tactical online shooter with so much action that at times it might make you think you are in a real warzone.