Who put the ps2 in my psp? Now psp has the killer app that it deserves. by the way 8.6 my a$$

While it isn't a based in new city it really doesn't matter because rockstar basically made gta 3 for the rode but made a new set of missions. The graphics are near console quality which means they blow away anything the ds has ever made and to tell you the truth the psp is on a roll. I say that because i bought burnout, ssx and gta all within a month's time but that is a different story. I felt that the targeting was fair at best but im nitpicking. I was afraid that they were going to cut some of the audio on the radio,the talk radio has always been my favorite, to my surprise the radio isn't choppy at all. The voice acting is supurb. the game is bloody, foul, rude crude, has drugs, sets a bad example for kids, and thats why I love it so much. This game should set the mark on how to make a psp game and proves that umds can make near ps2 quality game (cough metal gear solid on psp).