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User Rating: 7.7 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
I love these games, and I loved this one in particular, but it was very much a continuation of GRAW 1. I know it's a sequel, but it felt exactly the same. Actually, it felt shorter. The new elements, like air-strikes, were not enough to warrant the number 2. I'm thinking GTA. When they put a new number on a game it's different. This series is just a continuation of the same game. Not that I didn't enjoy every minute of it. I loved it but I also blew through it in two days. I like the targeting system but the AI is practically retarded. They're pretty accurate with the difficulty set on hard, but they aren't particularly threatening. They never really attack you. They shoot at you and get cover, but knowing where you are they rarely approach or move to get a better angle, and their tactics don't exist. One of the most challenging levels was the cemetery scene. The AI was perhaps best on that level, but why can't the AI be like that all the time? Lastly, the new squad controls were a great improvement over GRAW 1, especially being able to command from within the HUD. The downer is my team gets spotted, or they sometimes don't attack when you want them to. The UAV was more durable than last time, which I appreciate but having a chopper, a team and a tank all on the same mission is tactically difficult if you don't want to take any losses. It can be done. It's just hard.