Has selling broken and untested hardware now become acceptable in the gaming industry?

Well my fellow Rockers, it is time for a math question! If Guitar Hero costs 90 dollars and it only comes with a guitar, then 170 dollars for Rock Band with Guitar, Drums, and Mic is obviously a much better deal. Am I right my planetary brothers! This deal is too good to be true…. right?

As with most thing in the real word if something seems to be to good to be true... then it is. Rock Band has some real shady craftsmanship behind it. Already I have a broken guitar strum and a kick pedal that isn't doing much kicking. For the 2 days the game worked it was great but come on what ever happened to testing!

For anyone interested in this game I would recommend coming back in a couple months. Wait for all us foolish early adopters do the testing EA and MTV obviously thought was not needed.

*yeah I know a 1 is a little harsh... but i am really pist off right now*