A Ghostly War, Smokin' Advanced, Not that Of A Fighter.

User Rating: 8.6 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
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Please Note that this is a Single Player Review Only:

This is my first time playing the GRAW series on the xbox 360, and i have to tell ya'll. It's much more fun than what you can expect from the PC version of GRAW!

The first thing that impressed me the most is the graphics..The Smokes Particles are freakin Advanced! And the Character details are very high in the detail..U will always admire the graphics in GRAW 2 each time u play it..and it will awalys look beautiful all the way till the end!

The squad commands are a little bit of a nuisance when you first play it...but after a while..you will get the hang out of it..and play like a Ghost. The sound effects in the game is fantastic! The explosions,hearing the gun battles and bullets flying around you will just get you on the edge of your sit,with a wet palms grippin your gamepad...you will be in pressure at most times..the voice acting of the enemies are kinda weak though..yes its hilarious hearing the enemy communicating..but it doesnt have the realistic feelings in it... Your teammates will also make calls realistically regarding the enemies postition just like a quarterback will, and you will give them orders more than just a quarterback will in a football game! You are like a head coach!

So far..the game is about 6 hours long..but it depends on how you play it..if you play it like the way it's supposed to be played and take your time in every steps you make..this game will definitely gonna satisfy you!

The Cross Com 2.0 is a great tool to help you during your mission..you can watch your drone,teammates,and most of your squadmates in their 3rd and first person view..It works really great watching them running..the colour makes the game look as if it's captured from a Live News...Its a cool feature!

But GRAW 2 has some other downsides too...Our Team mates sometimes tend to act stupid. Sometimes they keep on saying "Theres no shot from here, gotta move" But,if i went to their position...i can simply take the enemy out..I think that part needs to be fixed.Maybe our team mates are still using cross com 1.0..LOL!! And also..Our A.I Team mates WON'T take cover at times..sometimes they will just stand still and shoot in the open.So watch out,you still need to give them position and "Go To" commands even in a heavy battle fire fight..i Guess that won't make them a great War Fighter afterall... Enemy A.I is acceptable though...

Another downside is you can't see much of great animations in the game..The ragdoll physics are not as good as in GRAW(PC), and the running animations aren't much and not that totally smooth in the A.I sections. And One last thing..the day and night cycle won't work all the time..I just have a feeling the day and night cycle is actually kinda linear...

So far..that's the only downside in GRAW 2..Command controls are bit harder than R6 Vegas,but you should get the hang out of it as time goes by.

GRAW 2 is a fully action-tactical game. The intense level is high..and it has good replay value..And if you played long enough..You will master and be a Real Ghost to take out your enemies Professionally..A few bug fixes will definitely make GRAW 2 and advanced game!