EndWar....End the Pain more like

User Rating: 5 | Tom Clancy's EndWar PC
I had heard about this game so much from console players who said its a great game and a great experience. Blindly I followed their advice to buy it since its release on the PC. Ouch!

Firstly when starting the game I was presented with option of setting up a mic. Which I did do even though I was not planning on using it, but I did and found it to be well, awkward in some ways, it does not help I am scottish with a bit of an accent so you can imagine the game going "what he say?", and orders that did work took a little bit of time to acknowledge to the point of it was probably easier and quicker using the mouse and keyboard option . Which I do have to say is not too bad, but the constant behind your units is very awkward to say the least.

But graphically the game is decent enough, even if the games graphic options is kind of limited. And sound is fairly decent and lets you immerse into the action. But annoying and awkward (wow im saying that word a hell of a lot) is the "Your soldiers are not in cover"... yes I do realise that as I sent them to another place to get into cover, it is annoying to say the least from cover > 1 sec away from cover > audio warning (can continue depending on how far they have to walk).

And talking about sound, the poor guy who voiced the french commander for the European faction cant read specific words correctly, I noticed one in particular the word was supposed to be irreversable, but the poor voice man pronounced it irreverkable, which is not a word well.... perhaps to that guy it is.

And onto the story of the game... which is well err, umm hardly any. It started ok in a way, defending a little town in croatia and in a couple of missions later finding out the name of the bad guys and then it kind of goes downhill from there. This is no C&C-esque story lines. World in Conflict which didnt have a real story line was better than EndWar.

So into the game, and a few missions in you soon realise --- Engineers kick ass when in cover especially a building, they shoot at everything. But the love-hate triangle of vehicles makes the game lack in strategy in a way. Tanks love to fight Transports but hate helicopters. Transports love Helicopters and Helicopters love Tanks. Its not really rocket science, and bang goes the send in everything C&C style or even WiC style to get the early upper hand. Not to mention every unit has groups of 4, which can be promoted if used well in previous missions, but the promotions are not visibly noticable.

Online can be fun, but single player is best avoided if you wish to buy this title. You have been warned.

Oh yes to the people complaining to Ubisoft, do realise they are the publisher and not the developer. But they have been lax of late and letting this get bye without beta testing and also letting the horrendous CSI:NY out also. They have started to slip standards.

Thank god for Splinter Cell :P