T'was the night of the Twilight Princess.....And oh was it a beautiful night

Ok, recap, first of all, I didn't write the previous review about Legend of Zelda, nor do I think it is the "Best game of all Time" I mean come on, look at my FFVII review for crying out loud, that was my friend's opinion, don't ask me why he didn't log into his own, but anyway, here is MY review of LoZ! ;)

Overall, the game was very good, but I still don't agree with GS rating of an 8.8, but yet, I do agree with some of their points about there not being any speech, music is STILL done via MIDI, and not orchestra, and to the people who don't think that is a big deal, BTW, that goes under the rating of SOUND, and you think a game that is this epic that just about every nintendo fanboy, or anyone who like Zelda, knows that this game was waited on for a VERY LONG TIME, I mean come on, even Halo was orchestrated, and it was the first of it's series, and so was Gears of War, oh and GoW was NOT 5 hours long....I can guaruntee you it was well over 7-8 hours, and you CANNOT COMPARE A GAME OF A DIFFERENT GENRE, it's like comparing apples and oranges man, you can't compare a RPG to a FPS, of course they are going to be shorter. Ahem, but anyway. Back to Zelda, yes, the music was disappointing, I can see what GS says about the music "sounding the same" in a way. They mean that is it still MIDI, and it's not much of an upgrade from Wind Waker or OoT for that matter. And the graphics, I know that they aren't anything, but come on, I've seen better 3rd party games like Resident Evil look better than this, and for a game like Zelda, which is a very very big game, you think they could have worked on it more by tweaking the sound and the graphics, but other than that, that game if very awesome. The dungeon exploration, riding Epona around Hyrule field, horseback fights, epic boss battles, you can't ask for more GAMEPLAY wise, it's godd enough in that department. I hope that the next Zelda is just as good as this one was, but with better sound, and a graphical enchancement, I mean, they already said that the graphics could be POTENTIALLY better than the ORIGINAL XBOX right?, well c'mon nintendo, let's see it done, top off your latest hit with a bigger bang, you know you can do it!