Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Natural Aspired Boost

    This must be done with a NA car, meaning non-turbo cars. At the map screen while choosing an area to enter, press and hold select. Enter the area you choose while holding select. Keep holding select through the loading screen, and up until the auto-pilot feature comes on. Begin a race, and now, you can use the boost. NOTE: Use the boost wisely because the water and oil temparature will rise drastically.

  2. Mileage Glitch

    Win or lose against any rival and when it comes to the ''Free Run'', ''Replay'' and ''Save Replay'' screen, take the cd out, close the disc tray and hit ''Free Run''. The road and music will disappear and you will be on Auto Pilot. You will realize that you're mileage will go up. Use this glitch to unlock the engine swap easily. To continue, just put the disc back in.

  3. Force Wanderers to accept your challenges

    You can force wanderers to accept your challenge, even
    those whose challenges you have yet to meet

    1. Find a wanderer
    2. go up to him or her (don't flash your high beams yet!!)
    3. eject disc
    4. challenge wanderer
    5. Wait until camera finishs rotating around his/her car
    6. Put disc back in
    7. race will begin when the PS2 reads the CD

  4. Add Color to Aero Parts Without Adding Weight

    Note: Only works the first time you purchase the parts and you must buy the Dry Carbon parts.

    As you know when buying DC aero parts you are allowed to leave it as natural or colored, which can add a few kilograms of weight for the larger parts. To add/keep the color you want without adding that weight simply do the following when purchasing the parts.

    1. Choose the part you want to buy.
    2. You get the choice of FRC, Urethane, or Dry Carbon. Select Dry Carbon.
    3. Select Colored.
    4. When asked if you want to buy, hit NO. The screen will refresh with Dry Carbon highlighted again. Select Dry Carbon again.
    5. Now the options for Natural or Colored will come up again.
    6. Select Natural and purchase it.

    If done right the part will have stayed the same color as your car and you will have saved a little weight. When done to the entire car it can save you about 5-10 KG depending on the car.

  5. Tired of having to meet the wanderers requirments?

    Before you challenge a wanderer eject the disk, then challenge the wanderer and wait for the camera to finish rotating around your opponents car then put the disk back in. Race will start as soon as the game loads.

  6. Unlocking engine swap

    Code Effect
    Drive 1242 miles on ONE car, on that ONE car, or complete %100 of the game to use with any car Turbo, Natural Aspired engines
    L4, L6, V6, V8, F4, F6, and Rotary engines Swapped turbo engines available:
    L4, L6, V6, V8, and Rotary engines. Swapped Natuarl Aspired engines available:
  7. A change of weather.

    Under the following game modes: ''Time Attack'', ''Free Run'', or ''VS Battle'' you can choose more than just sunshine or clear rain. This only works when you select rain. While you are selecting the course starting point, hold down the corresponding button below to add the effects of fog, thunder, or snow.

    Code Effect
    Hold Down Button L2 Fog
    Hold Down Button R2 Thunder
    Hold Down Button L1 Snow

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