TOCA Championship Racing Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Misc. Passwords

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    Code Effect
    JHAMMO Access All Tracks
    CMUPSIDE Upside Down
    CMDISCO Multicolored Fog
    CMCATDOG Raining Cats & Dogs
    CMLOGRAV Low Gravity
    CMLOCK Lock Tracks Back Up
    CMFOLLOW Get a new camera angle
    CMCHUN Go-Kart Mode
    XBOOSTME Fast Mode
    CMNOHITS Disable Collision Detection
    CMMICRO Micro Machines Mode
    CMCOPTER Helicopter View
    PATSCREEM Championship
    CMTOON Cartoon Background
    CMRAINUP Reverse Falling Rain
    CMSTARS Staring Sky Mode
    CMHANDY Big Hand Mode
    CMGARAGE Bonus Tank
    FLEXMOBILE Better traction
    TANK (use the horn to shoot) Shoot other cars
    CMMAYHEM Aggressive cars
    GONGOGO All cars unlocked
    FLEX Extra Track (Sink American Beasts)

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Other Course/Car Guide by Da Bomb 21K