definitely not worth a 8. Not by far.

User Rating: 3 | To the Moon PC
I don't know how this game managed to get a review score of 8. When you compare it to other games which got a score of 8 (or even 7 or 6) on Gamespot, you can't help to think that something is wrong.

The gaming is awfully boring, and I didn't find anything so interesting about the story.
The graphics are a joke. They would have looked old on a Commodore in 1990.
But the graphic engine still managed not to be smooth on a modern computer.
This game was probably created using a cheap game-creator (the credits don't mention any "programmer" or "developer", just musician and artist).

I understand that the reviewer liked the music, but to score the whole game a 8 just because of this, while the graphic and gameplay deserve probably no more than 2, is just misleading all the readers.
(it definitely misled me, and shaked my faith in gamespot scores for the future).