The best zombie game I've ever played.

A melee combat game featuring many different kinds of zombies from suicide and walkers to runners and puking. So many weapons and such great graphics for a beautiful island, no beautiful island game has looked this great or been this fun since the original Far Cry by Crytek.

Presentation: It's a great game, RPG elements, melee combat, some shooting mechanics, zombies, and crazy people. Sometimes some emotional choices and sometimes an emotional story. Four characters to choose from and many different types of melee weapons.

Gameplay: Intense, visceral, insanity, great co-op, there's not much more to be said, and that's not a bad thing. It plays well, you can sprint, slash, bash, dodge, and jump through different types of zombies and it's an absolute blast.

Graphics: Beautiful, the most beautiful game from Techland since Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. It's violent but beautiful at the same time. But there are some ugly zombies, and by some I mean every last one of them.

Sound: Zombies that groan and moan and growl and roar. Even at level 35, I freak out a little when I hear this sound. The slicing and dismemberment of flesh is still spine tingling and breaking bones is satisfactory. You will love the sound of revving that engine when you drive a vehicle and the soundtrack is great, too.

Lasting Appeal: A long game that takes you about 20 hours with only the main quest, shorter if you're in co-op. And with four characters to level up and upgrade and DLC like challenge rooms and more coming up, it's gonna take you a while.