it's easy but it's still fun, i wouldn't buy it but it's a good rent

User Rating: 7.6 | TMNT X360
I just rented this game today and played it for about 6 hours. there are 16 levels and i just beat the 14th level. So basically it's not exactly an Oblivion sized game but it is still fun. Let's face it, this game was meant to be a kids game so the difficulty is going to be easy for the veteran gamer. Just take this game as it is, just a fun kids game.

The graphics are so so. They are smooth but not anything worth jocking. The achievements are pretty easy to get. just beat the game and you get like 900, king kong all over again. The gameplay is kinda of cool though, alot of jumping and doing flips can get you a little pumped up, except for when the controls eff up and the camera gets in the way. I'm not going to go into great detail here. the bottom line is that if you are a kid or have a kid then buy this game. other than that you should just rent it or forget about it all together. peace