Short and easy, but very worthy of a weekend rental:

User Rating: 6.5 | TMNT X360
This game is not long at all so I would definitely suggest only renting this unless you run across it for $15 or so. They've added some coins to collect on a 2nd playthrough of each mission but with achievements being done on a single playthrough and no online leaderboards there really isn't much incentive.
The game is ridiculously easy, and Ubisoft Montreal took the platforming of elements from their Prince of Persia series and stuck them into this game. Only thing they left out were the puzzles/ use of platforms for the puzzles as well and it is point A-B with TMNT, their isn't any trial and error or anything. I don't want to turn it into a comparison of another game, but this game feels very much like a throwback to it, just for kids.
The controls work perfect, but there really isn't much timing to them, you can purposefully mistime hitting a button and still find your turtle performing a move when you probably should have fallen to your death. The camera as well works really good.
Technically, the game looks pretty good, and the black and white levels are pretty top notch, but you can do that when you don't have much color to work with. The sound is good and passable. My only knock on graphics was in the form of presentation between levels. I really can't stand portraying the story through a comic book pages flipping and dialogue.
I know I sound critical, but the game is fun, and the story is decent, but you probably won't remember it after a couple weeks.
My final opinion is on the bosses, and they are relatively easy until the end, where even though it is right there in front of you what to do, some still may not notice it.
Overall, the game is a run through on cruise control, but it can be entertaining for some. There just isn't anything that really makes you think, though and that is a shame for a platformer. I'm curious to see what my score averages out to.