Very easy but also a fun game for the family.

User Rating: 7.5 | TMNT X360
Ok I was surprised at how much fun this game was to me usually if you think movie based/kids game you think pretty much crap but in this case it was a different story.I have always like tmnts from when I was a kid but the past games they have come out with have been not so good but this one is a pretty ok game.The single player is VERY easy and can be beaten in about four hours and you can get a 1000 gs in this game in about the same time.The cut scenes are brought out through comic book style with voice overs it is kinda of lame but it could be worst.The controls for this game are very easy to master and maybe everybody else had a frustrating time with the game but I love to play games with my sibling and teach them about gaming so all in all this was a very good movie based game but be advised it is very easy and can be beat in a couple of hours oh and besides falling off of something you can't die if an enemy beats you down you just rapidly tap the A button to get your self back up.So this game may be extremely easy but it is one of the better kids games out there so I say if you got kids who love to tmnt this is a perfect game for them or if you want to get a 1000 gs out of a game this is good for that too.