Easy gamer score

User Rating: 6.2 | TMNT X360
After a long run of so so TMNT games to date I was hoping for a bit more from this one. The controls are very easy, the game play is easy and I really hope your into jumping puzzles and looking for that missing ledge that has caused you to die countless times. If there is one main thing about this game its the graphics, I think the game looks great and the turtles look good and their movement looks well done. I really wish there was some kind of multi player to the game I think that would help it a bunch. Something that I know for a fact is that the 360 version of the game is far better than the one for the WII. The controls for the WII are just goofy and make the game a lot harder than it really is. Oh by the way I called this review easy gamer score because it is. You can rack up a bunch of points in no time at all. All you have to do is beat a mission and bang 20+ points. All and all I would say its a fun plat-former style game and could waste a few hours but I will be really hard to pick this one back up after finishing it.