TMNT is a short and forgettable game.

User Rating: 6 | TMNT X360
Based on the Movie of the same name, TMNT is a Platforming/Action game which tries to give you something similar to Ninja Gaiden but with your four favorite turtles. The result is something that ultimately fails in more categories than it succeeds in.

TMNT is very similar to Ninja Gaiden but it's much easier because it's largely targeted towards kids who are fans of the movie. The lack of difficulty is mostly to due to the combat. The fight scenes are presented rather predictably because they all take place in large, empty rooms. Whenever you run into bad guys the word "Fight!" appears on the screen. It would've gone a long way to make the fights more seamless. It'd also make more sense if every fighting room weren't square and twice the size of what it ought to be.

Other than fighting you'll be overcoming obstacles usually by jumping and using ninja abilities such as wall jumping and wall running. There's some good environmental variety to the platforming segments such as the interior of a castle, in the sewers, on the rooftops of buildings, and more. The turtles can also use some special abilities like hovering in the air with spinning nunchakus and climbing walls with daggers. A wall will glow red when it's climbable and that feels as if the game is holding your hand to cross the smallest street in the world.

You'll savor the abundance of platforming because the combat is dreadful. There are some basic kicking and punching combos but you'll never need to do anything other than mindlessly mash the B button the entire time. This tactic works due to the fact that the enemies in TMNT game are dumber than a squashed peanut. You can run through packs of enemies and laugh while you wait for them to wake up and finally attack you. The stupid enemies and weak combo system make the combat in TMNT a chore to get through. At least if the enemies weren't all identical it'd be a little above dreadful, though.

The graphics are decent. The little pictures that show up in the right or left side of the screen when someone talks look good, and some other environments are pretty. The game uses a cell-shaded art style and I think it really suits the turtles well. The turtles' characters models are quite detailed and they animate well.

The sound is average at best. Everything is fine except for the repetitive voice acting. Some of the voice clips sound clever at first such as "Awesomely-super-sensational-istic, dude!" but after you here that for the hundredth time it becomes excruciating.

You can beat TMNT in [roughly] four and a half hours which is laughably short for a full priced Xbox 360 game. There's some unlockable stuff such as timed obstacle courses but they aren't interesting enough to bother with. The achievments are easy enough to get through in a rental period. (yes, all 1000 of them)

Overall I'd say that TMNT is a shallow game that fails at more things than it succeeds at. If you've got a young child then maybe it's worth a look but for everyone else it's only worth a rental because it's too short and easy. Thanks for reading.