A TEAM of FOUR lean green fighting machines and only a 1 player game???

User Rating: 6 | TMNT X360
A fun little platformer that will leave you thinking you just played a Spiderman game.

- Interesting controls let you run on walls
- Cool graphics that are cell shaded
- Achievements are a giveaway, easy 1000 G

- Only one player
- Only one player. yeah I said it twice. Being a platformer type of game this would be impossible to play with four people at once. So I don't know why they didn't design the game around the fact that everyone would expect to be able to play as four players just like the version available in the LIVE Arcade and when I was a kid.
- No replay value, you get all the achievements in one play through eliminating the need to ever play the game again.

Just complete this game and you will land yourself an easy 1000 G