Will the 360 version even compare?

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Don't plan on getting an Xbone for quite a while.  So I plan on getting this for 360.. just hope it's comparable to what we saw at E3. 

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I don't think it will, I mean it is tot completely different consuls after all. I was planning to get it for xbox 360 as well but as I thought about it there is no point really. I would just wait if I were you or get a PC

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It is a*
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Why are there hardly any topics or post across all forums lately?

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I've been playing COD Ghosts on both the 360 and the One and there is barely any discernible difference between the 2 IMO. How much more realistic or noticeable to the human eye can they possibly make the lighting, shadowing and particles than they already are? I don't think the new platforms are such a giant leap in technology when it comes to the new engines and most software companies haven't figured out how to best use these new engines. Stuff is so realistic looking in so many of the new games already. Unless we move on to holo-decks soon, I think gaming technology has pretty much maxed itself out at this point. Sure it can be tweaked and made even richer to an extent, but the steps are will be miniscule for some time now unless some type of new technology is unlocked soon.

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If a game is multi platformed dont expect a big enough change for it to matter. Just get it for the 360 or wait for reviews If you plan on getting an xbone then wait till the game comes out to get it or get it for the pc. My pc unfortunately is no longer next gen material it's a few years old now.

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Oh bought the xbox one, I actually like it a lot, just wish I had some amazing games to play with it. Guess will just have to wait till spring.

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I believe the 360 version was developed out of house, so I assume it'll be a lot different.

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The game runs on the Source engine and isnt that graphics heavy so it will probably look fine. Maybe compare Portal 2 PC with Xbox 360 or something to give you an idea.

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Honestly I doubt it will look that different in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the loading times are even better on the 360, I dont know about you guys but the loading times are....shitty on the xbone I mean duke nukem forever bad, pretty stupid where the ps4 loading seems to be less than half the time at least currently. I still like the xbone though just the load times need to get faster perhaps with some patching.

I'm gonna get this for the 360 instead of the xbone due to the fact my brother doesn't have the xbone and wont for a good while so this way I still have someone to play the game with I know uses a mic.