What Titanfall is lacking

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I think Titanfall is fun. I like spending an hour now and then hunting Titans and killing pilots. However, the game is not the epic revolution everyone hoped for. Here are a few features the game should have in order to stand the test of time:

1) Much better costumization. The weapons are too few and not very inspiring. I would like something in style with BF4 or at least CoD. I would have loved to costumize my Titans' colours and emblems. It would be cool to be able to recognize a foe by his insigna. Today we are limited to three chassis. Way too little.

2) The maps should be a little more interesting. Today's maps feel repetitive.

3) The matches should last much longer. It should be practically possible for a team laging behind to recover. At the moment the matches are intensive but not epic.

4) I don't have a problem with the missing single player. I DO have a problem with a campaign which is so poor that it is tantamount to an insult to the players. It would have been better to not have a campaign at all in order to focus on customization and better maps.

5) A private lobby. Come on! The game is lacking features that are industry standards since many years.

Conclusion: Titanfall is a good (but overpriced) casual game. Something radical has to happen, however, if Respawn wants it to be a classic. They should put much effort in a massive (and free) patch.

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Wowz. This made me not buy the game.

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@armedmonkey: Well, consider that Titanfall does offer an original perspective on the fps genre. It is fun. I am just sad because it could easily have been so much more. I hope Respawn comes to its senses and issues a massive patch. Blizzard did it recently with Diablo 3, which now is in my opinion the game we hoped for after a disappointing release two years ago.

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What Titanfall is lacking? Quality, a reason to play more then 1 week, visuals, a story, originality, fun, framerate, a story, a reason to even get into your Titan since you will likely just be a huge bullet magnet for 20 seconds then die, value, other cool stuff.

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Well, personally I could not care less about a story. The best mp games I played in my life did not have a story. I disagree with you about the titans. Once you have learned how to use them they are formidable. When it comes to quality I partially agree. My computer has an easier time with BF4 than with Titanfall, which is unacceptable considering the better visuals in BF4. My maine concern is the lack of variation and costumization.