My impression so far.

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It doesn't really run that smooth (yeah yeah it's a beta stfu) and for a game as fast paced as this it should be. I would drop the bots, it makes you actually a worst player than having to play against real players. I'd remove that crap and make it 10vs10 or whatever works for the maps.

I am the only one tired of the unlock progression ? So f'ng tired of climbing the ladder to unlock the good shit and getting my ass handed to me by people who already have the upgrades... that shit is getting old.

I'd make cloaking last only a few seconds, like 3 seconds, just enough to get out of trouble when you are about to die and that's it. Or even better simply remove it.

Mechs combat is cool, maps are well designed. Hardly the ground breaking game every fanboy seems to think this is, but good enough so far, hopefully it will get better with patches.

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I must agree to this even though it pains me because this is the so called big game of the year's really isn't. This is not an epic next gen title. It's call of duty with mechs though I will say it's more fun than any cod I've played in many years, but not really enough to keep me interested for long. The bots are dumb, and frankly I dont understand why we can have more variety of vehicles and I too a little tired of climbing ladders...some people dont have a life or a job so they can just keep playing all day long where I have to work long hours so I have a disadvantage...

I want to say this is a must buy but not so sure anymore.

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It gets old pretty fast, so far I never could play more then 3 games in a row.

Also the matchmaking seems to be off too, most of the time I play with a team where I'm the only one with more kills than deaths and the other team averages a k/d of 9-2, 10-0 stuff like that.

Like you said it's like a really fresh cod game.

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The more I play it the less I like it.

Netcode is pretty bad, I look at the kill cam sometimes because im like "no fucking way", I see myself barely shooting on the guy yet in real life i plugged him with more than half a clip... bs.

Apparently the kicks are pretty powerful in the future huh... They need to nerf that shit, make it just kick you back and stun you a little or something. You're in a close combat firefight, you're still at a fair distance from the guy, pops a divekick on your ass and he one shot you down... +1 for logic.