Tiny Barbarian DX Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    You found a Secret Diamond! Secret Diamond
    Last 60 seconds against the horde Minute Muscles
    Elbow drop a Vulture Scavenger Pancake
    Die 25 times in one game Never give up!
    Beat a gnome unconscious Hope You're Happy
    Clear Episode 1 Muscle Sunset
    Finish a stage without getting off the cat Cat Champ
    Clear Episode 1 in under 35 minutes Serpent Swiftness
    Defeat Serpent Lord in under 90 seconds Cobra Carnival
    Beat DirtBoss in under 50 Seconds DirtBoss Destruction
    Last 2 minutes against the horde Two Minute Triceps
    Clear Episode 1 without dying No Miss Clear (1)
    But damnit, you got here! There's Nothing Here
    Collect all the Secret Diamonds Tiny Got Them All!
    Collect 200 coins in one life Healthy & Wealthy

    Contributed by: Guard Master