Tiger Woods PGA Tour Cheats For PSP

  1. Bonus Courses

    Complete these challenges and earn money to unlock these bonus courses.

    Code Effect
    Earn $1 Million Emerald Dragon
    Earn $1.5 Million Greek Isles
    Earn $2 Million Paradise Cover
    Earn $5 Million EA Sports Favorites
    Earn $10 Million Mean8teen
    Earn $15 Million Fantasy Specials
    Defeat The Hustler in the Legend Tour The Hustler's Dream 18
    Defeat Tiger Woods in the Legend Tour Tiger's Dream 18
    Defeat Ben Hogan in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation #1
    Defeat Gary Player in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#2
    Defeat Seve Ballesteros in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#3
    Defeat Arnold Palmer in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#4
    Defeat Jack Nicklaus in legend tour mode. Legend Compilation#5

    Contributed by: jjp05c 

  2. Unlock Justin Rose

    Code Effect
    Beat Justin Rose in Legend Mode Justin Rose

    Contributed by: Oedipus Complex 

  3. Lots of Golf Cheats

    Code Effect
    NIGHTGOLFER All in Skill Section
    THEKING Arnold Palmer
    GOLDENBEAR Jack Nicklaus
    THEGIANTOYSTER All Courses and Golfers
    TIGERMOBILE All Accesories
    SOSWEET Adraina Dolce
    NICESOCKS Alastair McFadden
    TEMPTING Aphrodite Papadapolus
    THEHAWK Ben Hogan
    THEBEEHIVE Bev Bouchier
    TOOTALL Billy Hightower
    INTHEFAMILY Bunjiro Tanaka
    LANDOWNER Ceasor Rosado
    DDDouglas Dion Douglas
    BLACKKNIGHT Gary Player
    GREENCOLLAR Hunter Elmore
    ENGLISHPUNK Kendra Lovette
    DOUBLER Raquel Rockers
    REGGIE Reginald Withers
    THEMAGICIAN Seve Ballesteros
    NEWLEGEND Sunday Tiger Woods
    RICHGIRL Tiffany Williams
    THETENNESSEKID Justin Timberlake
    TS345329 all TourStage items
    cDsa2fgY all Tag items
    BRi3498Z all Precept itmes
    R453DrTe all Ping items
    kjnMR3qv all Odyssey items
    YJHk342B all Nike items
    FDGH597i all Maxfli items
    CL45etUB all Cleaveland items
    cgTR78qw all Calloway items
    91treSTR all Adidas items

    Contributed by: Llamaman2