God of War like game but with a girl instead of a guy.

This game was definately like God of War but with a girl. It was very good and kept you occupied throughout the whole game. The one problem was that the story mode was fairly short and it felt like you could beat this game in about three or four hours if you played it nonstop. So I would think that this game is more of a game to rent because it's so short unless you can get the game for a cheap price like me. I did not like how on most of the cut scenes, you couldn't skip them and they made you watch them. I thought that was annoying mostly because I don't care about any of the scenes. I did like how the game let you take full advantage of the Sixaxis controller to guide items such as arrows, cannonballs, and thrown objects. That was really cool to me. This game was just really fun from start to end.