Samus finally comes to play with us in the DS, and she's got a lot of things to show us.

User Rating: 9.2 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
The Prime Hunters is a very fun game. You've got to play it if you own a DS. The control interface are pretty good, and you'll get used to them very quickly. The frame rate is also suprisinglygood. You can't expect the DS to match the Gamecube's graphics, but it does bring Samus's adventure to life in your pocket. The campaign is very long, but most of the times unpredictable. You'll also going to have to solve a lot of puzzles. Many of them are very tricky, and others you just need another gun. Speaking of guns, Samus can carry 6 different types of "weapons". This are changeable "attachments" with her plasma beam. She basically is as strong as the other hunters, and little bit better, because she has all of their weapons. The multiplayer is also very fun, either if you're playing with bots, or with friends, it'll always be fun. The DS's Wi-Fi connection will help you get into a match if you're in a McDonald, or if you bought an USB connector to connect it with your PC. Either way, expect to be looking around for your enemies like a real hunter.

A must have for anyone with a DS, and that likes FPS with a great storyline.