Amazing Production with great storytelling and an adventure that will be talked about long after it is over.

Naughty Dog has brought its patented polish to the PS3 with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. This platformer/ action adventure title packs a serious punch with its stunning graphics and acting and the cutthroat jumping and shooting. The game has you on the trail of an ancient treasure, bringing you to a lost island filled with traps, pirates, and secrets, but I won't spoil anything for you.
While the story has a few holes that are never touched on, the characters and believability will more than make up. The characters are simply real, they are funny and they curse! a lot actually. This game may be T, but it has violence, language, and blood! Hooray! Now back the graphics, they are just the best I have seen in a loooong while. In HD, you may find that you cheat on your spouse just by looking at it. OOOOO Baby. It is a relatively short game, but the chapters are available to be individually replayed, and you can watch every cutscene over and over again. Not to mention the TONS of unlockaballs, I did say unlockaballs, such as costumes, guns, and the like. Treasures to find and tasks to perform at to the value. Gamespot is wrong when they say it is too hard. Its not, by the way, the AI is good, but it is fair to you and doesn't have any special powers that **** you off. The platforming is easy, but wow is it fun to look at. The locals are amazing and varied and you won't be seeing the same thing twice. So all in all this game gets a 9.0 sure it's short but damn is it fun.