A Star that could have shone bright & yet failed to delight. CRAP.

Talk about a game that had a Starters potential. If Activision had've spent just a little longer on polishing up the storyline, graphics [although not bad], gameplay and bug killing then this would've been at least worthy of the title of being a good GTA clone. But it does not.

I'm really pissed off actually. I spent my hard earned $50.00 AUD on this game knowing that wasnt going to be a GTA thrill ride but still hoping to get some decent gameplay out of it. Man was I wrong.

3 service stations on the 1 corner anyone? THREE! WTF? Morphing into the environment like into a wall or even the road? WTF? Actually getting the 2x zoom scope to work? WTF? Painful PS1 style loading times? WTF? A storyline that kept wanting to go somewhere cool but the programmers were smoking to much weed or...? WTF? Only getting about 15 songs from the 50 odd actually playing? WTF? Trying to customise the soundtrack? Impossible. WTF? My WTF's could go on here but it gets boring after the 1st 3 1/2 hours, but you get what Im saying right? Cool.

Basically it had so much potential and could've been a game worthy of it's place on my custom X-BOX shelf but.............

I can even envisage that if had've lived up to being a great Starter game it could even have gone on to such titles like True Crime: Streets of New York or True Crime: Streets of Melbourne [muh' home town].

Maybe a better title would've been True Crap: Stinkin' HellHoles of DownTown Delhi.


Sam C AKA BRIBE CW Crew coming to you live from Melbourne [AUS] on my crews own station, KISS90 DuraFunk FM. Props to UltraMagnetic MC's for the inspiration. Kool Keith? He Rocks.