Same old same old.

User Rating: 7 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 PS3
I don't need to write much about this game really. It's just another Tiger Woods game with a few more features and a new course or two. Played one you've played them all.

The gameplay is the same (still good, still addictive), the players are still the same, the courses are still the same (with a couple of new ones).

I actually like the TW games but one thing about this game that really annoys me are the trophies. They give games replay value, extra challenges etc. But the trophies in TW 11 are ridiculously easy. EA could have added a little something to this game with them but decided to add trophies for ridiculous things like watching a video or for completing a 1 question survey. There are 2 trophies which are a bit of a pain for platinum hunters: One involves quite a lot of grinding, the other one involves getting 24 online players in a certain lobby for a certain game. I had to arrange this on PS3trophiesdotorg forums.

Don't get me wrong, I like playing Tiger Woods to pass the time but EA are milking this franchise a bit now.