Good: XP, lotsa challenges/courses/customization, fun to smoke spectators Bad: putting engine

User Rating: 8 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 PS3
I tried the demo of this game and got hooked pretty quickly. Oddly enough this is the first PGA game I've bought, can't remember.

Eye and Ear Candy:

Graphics aren't really that outstanding I would say, the player animations and attention to detail is good (like clothes that flap in the wind) but I expected the terrain to look a bit more real, especially in the fly-by's.

The sound is about as good as I'd expect from a golf game. When you really crush the ball there is a nice deep BOOOM which helps with really feeling like you've crushed it.


Controls are really simple as expected and it's easy even for my 5 year old to just pick up and play it. I really like the focus meter and the effect it has on strategy. Once you run out of focus making difficult shots is more, well, difficult which is nice. I guess it's like selective cheating since once you're out of focus factor you can't read the greens as good.


Tons of challenges and course/tournaments etc and I've only had it a week so I'm not sick of it yet. I started on Pro and the first 2 tourneys I finished close to last until I built up enough XP to gain more skills.

Building your character skills is a good balance of frustration versus reward. It sucks being horrible at the start but after a few days I built enough skill to finish in the top 20 of a tournament. Only complaint is the putting as sometimes my putting is fantastic and the next tournament it really sucks. I can't imagine.

All in all, the XP and focus meter are what set it apart for me. Adds a new element to the game but at it's core, it's just a golf game so if you've played PGA 10, other than those new features, golf is golf.