i am supper dissapointed with the new potting system it has ruined my experience and i no longer feel the need to play!

User Rating: 3.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PS3
I think that the did not think about the people that have been playing this series for ages and that liked the way it was. You dont suddenly change how to do an action in a game thats just not right! They wanna get creative ok but dont take out the original settings!!!!! Hell keep Tiger 09 and dont bother with this version! Please and i repeat please find another game to play this summer this game will ruin 50 nice dollars that could be spent on something smarter like taking your girlfriend out for diner, if you dont have a girlfriend it would be time you drop your PS3 and find one. The other disappointment in the game is the lack of mini games they seem to just have kept the old ones and nothing more really, if you already own a Tiger Woods game this one will definitely not satisfy you. I myself am a golfer and the first thing i felt after playing for the first 30 min was: why the hell did i not keep 09. Anyways you got my point, im Pi@#ed off big time and after waiting a year for a game im not a happy bunny. KD out!