Without the MotionPlus it's passable; With: It's quite possibly the best Golf Game made in the last decade.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
Simulation sports on the Wii has had a rough go in the past couple of years. With most winding up being little more than waggling PS2 ports (with the exception of MLB Power Pros), the Wii hasn't been able to capitalize on one of the most bankable gaming genres: Sports (and no, Wii Sports doesn't count).

With the advent of the WiiMotion Plus, EA Sports began looking to implement the increased amount of accuracy that the device provides. And while Grand Slam Tennis didn't exactly give what Tennis fans were looking for, Tiger Woods 10 on the Wii may just become one of the best golf games of all time, thanks to WiiMotion Plus.

The game plays like any of the other iterations of Tiger Woods: You start by creating a character and purchasing clothes, clubs and accessories. Next, you accolate points to create your style of character by spending points on Power, Accuracy, Spin and other golf related ratings. From then on, you take on challenges to earn cash and to increase the amount of points you received to create a better character.

After you feel confident about your skills, you can take on the calendar to win events and more money. You can also compete in the FedEx Cup to become the champion of the PGA Tour. In these aspects, Tiger Woods is par for the course.

The interesting and the aspects of the game that make it worth the purchase are anything to do with the WiiMotion Plus. Swinging a club is wholly more accurate and satisfying when you are swinging your Wii Remote, not when you are pressing your analog stick or doing a 3 button timed press.

Applying draw and fade by twisting your Wii Remote also makes your swing and strategy much more dynamic and realistic, which is something that the Wii is never called. Hitting a fairway with a gentle curve and hitting the best spot to the green is much more rewarding with the WiiMotion Plus.

Outside of the courses, my favorite implementation of the WiiMotion Plus has got to be Disc Golf, which deserves its own career/online mode for next year. Playing with a Frisbee on any of the unlocked courses provides a fun and simple challenge that anyone (including my 6 year old) can enjoy. The WiiMotion Plus makes great strides in making sure it accurately portrays how much power and curve you put on the disc.

There are problems, however: Putting is nothing short of frustrating and difficult in this game. The putting game is helped by a meter on the side of the UI that shows exactly how much power your swing has and how accurate the putt will be. Unlike the 360/PS3 versions of the title, this meter is definitely a big help, although I still think the difficulty and sensitivity could have been dialed down a few notches.

My biggest complaints go to the aesthetics of the game. To be frank, the graphics in the game are ugly...like disfigured mutant ugly. The game looks like a 2nd generation PS2 game with blurry grass textures, sand that looks like a paint swap and characters that look very unnatural and canned. The courses looks passable, but I still feel the Wii could look a lot better than what it does.

But, then again, why complain when the game is this much fun? The WiiMotion Plus adds so much to the game that it feels like a completely different game with it on. Without it, however, I wouldn't even play the game. The few flaws the game has breaks it when it's played without the precise WiiMotion Plus. So, go ahead, spend the $60 on the bundle. You'll be very happy that you did.