Excellent use of the Motion Plus add-on. Best golf game ever!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
Plant your feet squarely and get ready to swing your Wii controller like never before. It's extremely satisfying to hit a long drive onto the fairway and then be setup well for your next shot. The sound of a heart beating as the camera changes indicates that you've possibly made a cool shot will have you holding your breath in anticipation.

This is video game golf at it's best. Much has been said about the implementation of the Motion Plus feature with this game, and I'll just add that it IS fantastic. It adds an incredible amount of realism to the game, but still it's easy to use. You can't play this while sitting on the couch.

The inclusion of real time weather is really cool too. There are plenty of courses to choose from as well. There are some that seem to have been designed by someone that really, really likes to put alot of bunkers. If there's sand for me to get my ball stuck in, I'll find it.

The disc golf is great to play with friends that might not like to play a golf game, but enjoy the "arcade" style game.

Hopefully there will be more titles that utilize the Motion Plus as well as this game does. I'd love to see a baseball game where I can pitch and swing a bat as fluidly as you can swing a club and throw a frisbee.

For anyone that owns a Wii, this game is worth every penny. Just make sure to pick up the version which includes the Motion Plus attachement. Bundled with the game, it's much cheaper than buying it separately.