Tiger rocks - but the online play drops the ball.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 X360
So we have a new Tiger video game. This season they have notched up the graphics, added new courses, and the real-time weather system.

Graphics-wise, the game looks amazing. The SFX meld in to make you feel like you're standing on the 1st tee at some great courses. The new putting system is tricky to start with, but after a few rounds you get used to the new mechanics. A new Tournament Challenge has replaced Tiger challenge and enables you to unlock the extra courses and the DLC is already started, which is good after last year's poor offerings.

My only gripe with the game is online play. In tournament mode online the first day the game was out, people were shooting -28 on 18 holes and driving the ball 489 yards. This really cripples the online factor unless you are playing against friends. A nearly 500 yard drive is humanly impossible, as is shooting a -28 on 18 holes. Basically it means the people online are hitting eagle or double eagle on every hole and going green in one on everything but the longest par 5's.

If you're looking for a solid game to sit down and play with the golfing gang on a rainy Sunday when the real links are closed - pop in Tiger 10 for a spin. Just watch out for the online players!! (Most likely some kid sitting in Mom's basement with a case of Red Bull and too much free time!)