Good as Ever

User Rating: 8 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 X360
This game continues to be fun to pick up and play. You can teach people who have never played in less than a half hour so that they have fun, which always scores high with me.

The games basics have remained the same for many years. The detail of the courses have improved greatly as the years go along but the game keeps all the game play to a high level.

The swing change about 3 years ago was last huge improvement but the putting this year is a bit more challenging, which is good. This is an every other year or every third year purchase.

For a fun challenge, download the "Predator" course. It is different than all the rest and is a fun distraction from your normal game. Make sure you use a different character than your own, because your game skill will get crushed.

In a brief recap, the game is not mind blowing different, but continues to make small improvements each year to make it a better game.