Tiger Woods doesn't disappoint, as expected.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PS3
When it comes to golf games, you've got two choices: Tiger Woods or Hot Shots. If you want a true golf simulator, with real courses, real equipment, and real golfers, Tiger Woods is your only choice. Despite the monopoly, Tiger Woods 2010 does not disappoint. The game isn't drastically different then previous versions, but there are enough new features to keep things interesting.

The biggest new feature is the fixed length putter. I tried it for a number of rounds, and although it may be more realistic, it is quite difficult and I ended up going back to the old school putter.

Real time weather is another new feature that adds more realism to the game. And you can also play along with the actual PGA tour. So if Tiger is playing at Pebble, you can play a round at Pebble and see how you compare.

The graphics are excellent as expected, as are the sound effects. Music is mediocre this year with no real bands, so sad.

Content is great, with a ton of courses, a pro shop full of cloths, clubs, etc. and a number of game modes to keep you interested. The single player game alone is enough to keep you occupied for hours. Multiplayer is also well done with a good selection of modes and adequate server performance. There has been a marked reduction in dropped games. And of course, Game Face is ridiculously detailed as expected, although don't bother trying to load a picture... it just doesn't work good.

The Verdict:
If you have any interest at all in golf, don't hesitate to pick up Tiger Woods 2010. Its a solid effort.