Thief 2014 Review

User Rating: 6 | Thief PC

Nice Visuals, But buggy and very disappointing.Thief has nice moments staring down on the dimly lit city from a roof top with all the hud options off is beautiful immersive sight. But the buggy A.I and odd design decisions hamper the game play. Contextual jumping and leaning I do understand. I played the P.C version so my guess is they did it to make things easier for console players. Not being able to jump and lean whenever I want is annoying. A small ledge or pipe stopping you from advancing? Well instead of just jumping over it, you have to go way out of your way to get around it. That does not make you feel like much of a master thief.

Rope arrows can only be used in designated areas, no freedom to experiment. Garrett can only lean and look if he is close to a square wall or box and has to be right up against it. If it's round he can't lean. Sound doesn't seem to mean a whole lot. In the original thief walking on metal pipes and surfaces could alert guards to your presence easily and made you extremely careful when you had to do so. Nothing was more scary in the original then needing to move past a metal surface with no moss arrows and guard walking your direction.

Here I am able to walk on solid metal pipes right above a guard's head and he doesn't seem to hear a thing. The A.I is very inconsistent, In total darkness In empty rooms guards can spot Garrett through walls. Other times they seem completely oblivious to him.

All that said, after a few patches this game might be a 7/10 to me. Swoop is really nice feature and I have enjoyed sneaking up right behind a guard picking his pocket before he turns around and swooping away. When the A.I acts like it should, the game feels a bit like a Thief game should.

After a few patches this might be a solid game, but still lacks far to much freedom to really recapture what the original Thief games gave us Stealth lovers back in the late 90s.