A great game to play.

User Rating: 8 | Thief PC

Firstly, I am not good at English so forgive for any wrong words or grammars in my review.

Second, I haven't played the "Dishonored" or any version of Thief before. So this is my first exprience with this reboot of Thief series. So I will review this game.

1. The story:

The story isn't the best or great but still an okay story for you to play and if you don't really care about a story, you may enjoy this game.

About myself, I thought the game was a great adventure. The story made you guess what is really happen and making you curious about the whole games. The dialogs of NPC talking around in City made more living for this games. And ofcourse, such as Tomb Raider, any characters seems not memoriable in Thief, too. I thought the development can do better but no, they didn't. But overall, the story didn't annoy me so I don't think it is a big bad thing.

2. Gameplay:

Thief is a stealth game, not an action - stealth game, ofcourse Thief still provided you some combat to beat your enimies but that is not what the game focus on. All you need to do is hiding in the shadows. And from this, Thief has done well. In the location where you are playing in, there is always a lot of paths and ways to do the main and side missions. You can sneak behind all those guards to beat them all then doing the jobs easier, or just sneak in the shadows and done the job without beating any guards. And there is a lot of collections for you to collect in game (ofcourse there is some secrets, too). Garrett has a special abilities called: Focus. It is almost the same as "survival extinct" of Tomb Raider, when you used it, you could see some collections, paths, or any interactive things. You can upgrade your abilities (sneak, locking, focus, etc) by buying (Everytime you purchased 1 EXP, the higher money you would pay so you have to know what is really important to upgrade).

There is a lot of things to say in the gamesAfter all, about gameplay but I don't want to say everything now so I can barely said that if you don't compare to any stealth games, Thief has done a good job for it owns.

3. Graphics and sound (music):

Thief has a very nice graphics, not exactly the best. The building, the collections, animations of NPC, and how game arrange the lighting effects made the game looks more immerse and mystery. Still impressive with engine Unreal 3.0 even it is old. But there is a lot of loading screens that may make you annoyed. And that is what makes me think a lot. Why they can't build a whole big maps such as Tomb Raider. You really don't see any loading screens (except in Tomb Raider, everytime you use fast travel you will see a loading screen but not much loading screens such as Thief).

About music (sounds), there is not much to said about. It has bugs, too. Sometimes the sounds dissappeared. But not ruined your exprience. So about sounds and music, I have no problems.

4. Conclusion:

Finally, Thief isn't a bad games after all. It may not a perfect gem, or may not what fan waiting for. But it still an enjoyable journey and if you don't compare to any thief in the past and Dishonoured, you will like it IF you like the stealth platform.

I would give this 8/10.