Thief 4 next gen

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I have been following this game since the first one was released hoping for another. My concern is whether or not the game will be only for PS4 purchasers. I have all the classic games for the PS3 including game guides (not downloarded from internet) and will find it hard to give them up Will the PS4 be backward compatible?

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Thief will be available on PC (dedicated), the upcoming Xbox, and the Playstation 4. Not sure if the Wii U is getting a release, but I wouldn't be suprised in the future if that happened, considering Eidos just recently showcased Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the console.

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As far as I know the game will be PS4, XB1, and PC. I will be getting my PS4 next Friday so that's not a problem for me. I will probably pre order this at Gamestop when I pickup my PS4. I am so glad they changed the voice actor as they needed to do a full reset of the series for next gen. From what I know they have decided to go with the same actor that does work for Assassins Creed. I don't think that's a bad thing, but it would have been interesting if they had used someone else who was not from another game series. I enjoyed the old Thief games on PC, but that was like 10+ years ago. So, I am very happy to see this will be a complete reset of the series as this is needed for next gen.

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