So this game will be cancelled (somewhat)

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Currently Eidos has removed several features like:

  • No EXP system
  • No QTEs
  • Cannot swim
  • Poor combat
  • Limited jumping

So what's next? Nearly everything is removed from the game. I guess Arkane studios deserve a merit for a great first-person stealth game.

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exp system and qte's were never in thief franchise,nor should they ever be

as for swimming and jumping,Garret can be a dolphin or a monkey for all i care

and removing poor combat is a bad thing?

what cancelling are you even talking about dude

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You make no sense. All the removing is good for the game and suit for thief title more.

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Well, I loved the Thief's. But I'm afraid this is going to be one of those games where you'll need to keep buying DLC's. I mean the core game isn't even out and their touting them. I mean, gone are the days when you used to get a complete, fun, exciting, polished game from the start. now you barely get half a game and they want more.

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@Virtual_Erkan: Removing all of those things sound like the best thing that has happened to this game. This is Thief, not Assassin's Creed.

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I have watched its new gameplay videos from the developers. I am sorry that I thought Square and Eidos will fail this game. I was afraid that it was gong to be poorer than Dishonored. I loved Dishonored's magic and tool combination to overcome the missions and the ability to finish the game without killing anyone was surprising. Now Thief looks detailed and hardcore.