Great job, SE!

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I think they nailed it... I have been a fan of this series for almost 15 years since the first discs came out for PC, and quite frankly this is probably about as close to what the original developers of Dark Age and Metal Age had in mind, but simply didn't have the technology to produce back in 98 or whenever it first came out. I don't think it is very deserving of the 6 and 7 ratings it is getting. After playing the prologue and the first chapter, I think the developers have captured the true essence of the series. As a long time fan, I'm really happy with it. The only things I miss are the original voice for Garrett, and hearing the word "taffer" every once in a while. Otherwise, bravo!

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I've done the prologue and started chapter 1 and agree with this.

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I agree with you as well... GS review is really unfair in my opinion.

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Yes, I concur. Really enjoying this game!

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Really enjoyed the game as well. Played the heck out of it all last week and over the weekend.

A few things that are rather annoying that I wish they would patch up. Minor, but annoying. For one, opening windows or moving past a 4x4 piece of wood by smashing 'E' isn't fun after the 50th time. Simply pressing the E key would be more than sufficient. I wish they had an overall map that showed all the areas once you discover them and put it all on one map. Labeling exits or entrances once you discover would be very helpful. Gets a bit confusing in a city at night. Also, once you clear out an area of bad guys in the end game +, they respawn once you leave the area. Never like respawning enemies. This isn't an issue during the main storyline, just when you are done and exploring the city.

I like the how they give you an option to sneak away during the boss fight, no need for boss fights in this game.

The story is definitely the weakest part of the game and especially the ending sequence, which I won't spoil. The gameplay is solid as well as the look, feel & sound (love the sound). I am now going around completing all of the side quests now that I've wrapped up the main story.

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I'm a couple chapters in as well and it seems to be pretty good. Better then the review it got. Actually I haven't noticed any of the issues GS mentioned. Or they just don't bother me enough to notice. Load screens don't seem all that bad and the AI is fine to me. Some people have said if you play on master the AI is a little better. So that's what I've been on from the start. I still think Thief 1 & 2 are much better but this is enjoyable.

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I agree fully. I've just passed Chapter 2, and I'm loving it! It's everything I had hoped it to be.

It feels a lot like the Thief we remember and love, and that's a great thing. Only thing that's different is today's spoiled gamers that don't have a clue about stealth gaming. It's a crying shame how Gamespot and many others don't do this game justice.

In my opinion, this game is just proof that we can't take today's critics seriously anymore.