a waste of....everything.

the game is just a waste of A) money B) time C) space. this game is a embarrassment to NCAA basketball fans everywhere. if you played 2K then go back and get it. even the worse 2K college hoops game i've ever played was better then this. this is a EA at it's best. no one else is able to compete against us so who cares what is looks/plays like. the game is just boring. the game play is a joke. it's the same as it's been since the march madness day in the ps2 days. pushing square is just not the same as the shot stick. the crowd is not as loud as 2K. the recurting is the same as football. easy. playing at a crap school and getting a 5 star is just crap. i had to force my self to play full games. i was just trying to keep giving it chances. just like how the NCAA keeps giving slaps on the to USC for paying there players.

just dont buy it.