Forget about counter strike. Dig this.

I have played this game for about a year now and the game is great. Not even one bad thing. Forget about counter strike. I have both games. Forget about the grade from Gamespot. This game is must. So far i have tried 20 games including counter strike, flyff, rappelz, and way more, but nothing can top this. Not even a 9.9 of a grade is good enough. So heres a 10. Good job K2 Network you have a fan who loves your games. Oh yeah i tried Americas army its not good as this. The graphics is a perfect 10 on my list. Only if you have a good graphics card. There are plenty of maps. Did i forget to tell you about the flying and driving. Well thats also available. It's fun but not as fun a first person shooting. I just cant get my eyes off the game. It is just too fun. I hope my review has inspired you to get this game. Remember to thank K2 Network for a wonderful game.